Month: October 2019

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The Speeding Teething Toy

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is a blur? Mom-life gets hectic sometimes. It happens to everyone. Yesterday was one of those long and crazy days. It gets even wilder when your child starts teething. I think teething is the hardest part of early motherhood, next to growth spurts – those […]

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My Baby Bump Made Me Insecure!

Scrolling through my Instagram, I saw hundreds of beautiful pregnant women showing off their baby bumps. They were confident and glowing; I couldn’t wait for my bump to show. I really believed that “popping” would make my mind settle about having a baby. It would somehow solidify “this is really happening,” because as excited as […]

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The Trouble With Toilets

I’d like to share a motherhood story with you all and I hope it makes you laugh! Relationships are crazy, but sometimes funny stories come out of the nagging. Other times, you experience a Toilet tumble. Earlier today, my mom decided to come down for a visit and we planned to go to the zoo […]

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