Day: August 10, 2020

Overwhelmed searching for an OB/GYN

The 5 Step Guide To Finding The Perfect OB/GYN

Choosing an OB/GYN can be stressful, especially if you’re pregnant with your first child and don’t previously have one. It gets overwhelming trying to google local doctors, reading reviews, and then having to check with your insurance carrier regularly. I found that many doctors aren’t updating their insurance carrier information and change who they accept […]

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millennials parenting

How To Correctly Help A Hurt Child That Isn’t Your Own

Children get hurt. And throughout your career as a parent, you’re going to find a hurt child or more. Bruises, scrapes, and bumps on the head – it all comes with the territory of parenting. In today’s world, when accidents happen, parents spend way too much time placing blame rather than fixing the situation(s) and […]

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