Hi! I’m Margaret Greco, and I’m a millennial mom. How did I start Leakytits? Well, I’ll tell you about me. It really began with me having my beautiful baby girl in March 2019. Since then, I worked my ass off to find mom friends. It wasn’t working. After joining more than 5 Facebook “mom groups,” my frustration was at an all-time high! It got me thinking about Millennials. We have it tough. I don’t care what you say, it isn’t easy for this generation. The media has led society to believe we’re a spoiled group. It’s deeper than that.

First, society blames millennials for everything. The blame started long before we were even old enough to make any differences. We were taught to be competitive and prepped to be the best. Go to college. Then, graduate. Lastly, we were guaranteed amazing jobs. Talk about a lie. Unfortunately, none of us found out it was a lie until we finished the routine path, myself included. 

Post-College Struggles

I went to the University of Redlands, where I received two Bachelors Degrees! I figured they would make me an asset to one very lucky company. My original plan was to be an Anesthesiologist. I never imagined I would leave with a degree in English and a degree in Theatre.

Me on my graduation day from college.

I thought I knew everything and started applying for jobs. Since I had internships in the past and was pretty confident I would immediately start working in an entry-level position. That was okay with me! After the 50th “You don’t have the experience” reply, I was lost, confused, pissed, and felt like a failure. At the time, I had (what I thought was) a loving and supportive boyfriend. So, at least I had that going for me, right? Nope.

Within a year of graduating from college, I was rejected by every job. A man asked me to marry a man. Then, he ran off with my “friend” (they recently got married. Hooray!). And to top it all off I had gained SO MUCH WEIGHT

My Glow-Up

Talk about your post-college shit show. That was me, I was that shit show. I was always the top of my class. So when my high horse bucked me off it took forever to hit the ground. I spent three months in bed. When I finally started to get out, my anger was at an all-time high. I needed an outlet. Then, I found the gym. Before I knew it, I was there eight hours a day. Sometimes, I would go to meet a new gym friend, and their support got me through it.

Me in my fitness career prime.

My love for fitness grew, and my anger started to subside. Soon, I got an easy job as a front desk “checker-inner” at my local community center gym. I loved it! The pay sucked, but I lived at home. What more could I ask? My boss was the best supervisor that I have ever had, still to this day. Promotions, and taking over the personal training department had me feeling great. I even taught an adaptive class for physically and mentally disabled young adults. Finally! I found my calling. Whoops – Wrong again.

The Third Time Around

My new found love of non-profits and municipality work prompted me to begin my Master’s in Organizational Leadership. There I was again, jobless, still at home, and getting deeper into student debt. Awesome (not)! I took a chance and moved to a city I had no interest in living in. But, I did it anyway. The opportunity arose for me to “get out” and I moved to San Diego, where I took over someone’s lease. A friend, I thought.

San Diego oceanside view with cliffs.

Guess what? Wrong again. She wasn’t a friend. She was another opportunist. Her urge to travel kicked in and she was leaving for 6 months to mingle around Australia. She needed someone to hold onto her lease, and I needed a place to stay. It was perfect. Right? It would have been, but she got homesick early. After only 2.5 months, I was informed that I would be homeless in 3 weeks. My job was in San Diego, I couldn’t move back with my parents. I remained calm. Besides, how can you blame someone for missing home? No problem. I found a new place. Then, with 3 days left, I got another message. She would be home in 48 hours. It was a fiasco. Finally, I lost it.

What was I supposed to do? I rented the largest SUV I could, packed it with everything I had in San Diego, and drove 2.5 hours back to my parents’ place. The second day, I unpacked it into the garage and returned the car. On the third day, I re-packed everything into my family’s truck and drove back to San Diego and moved into my new place. But then, the unexpected happened.

Meeting Mr. Single

While all of the above was happening, I met a group of people who were social; I needed social. In them, I found the last thing I needed, a man. Not just any man. The worst type. A man who wasn’t looking for anything or anyone special. Casually, I dated and was living my best single life. Still, he was there. I moved again. And, when I settled into my perfect apartment life changed forever. Because the second line turned blue. Mr. Single and I were expecting a baby! Eventually, I moved in with him, quit my job, enjoyed my pregnancy, and had our baby girl.

Me and Mr. Single at our gender reveal party.

The Bottom Line

It took all of that for me to take a chance and learn more about me. Parenthood, motherhood, and finding new friends are so different than I expected and even crazier than I was told. Every day I read the most ridiculous Facebook posts, comments, thoughts, and ideas. You name it, I’ve read it, and I stop myself from calling out the bullshit. But, it’s hard. Leakytits was created for me to talk about truthful motherhood. No sugarcoating. Why? Most importantly because motherhood is fun when we aren’t busy making it complicated. Secondly, because moms need accurate advice. And finally, because raising babies isn’t that difficult when women aren’t trying to be perfect.

Me enjoying life and motherhood at a polo match.