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My Breastfeeding Journey To Formula Freedom

Formula feeding has had a bad rap ever since the ridiculous movement “Breast Is Best” started in 1999, claiming that breastfeeding is the best (and only) way to feed your baby. This slogan provided an utterly one-sided view on feeding a baby, but it was also a bunch of crap. There is no denying that […]

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No, I Didn’t Sleep Train, My Daughter

You read that right; I didn’t sleep train. It should be called sleep draining, honestly. Why? Well, for one, who the hell has that kind of time or patience? Also, sleep training is hard on everyone involved! First, you need to find out what type of sleep training you want to try. Then, you have […]

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Breaking Down The Stigmas Of Second-Hand Baby Items

New moms-to-be often feel pressure to buy new, up-to-date, baby items. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to have the best. Second-hand baby items are a great way to get top quality products for a fraction of the price.

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Stay-At-Home Moms trying to find peace like everyone else during COVID19 self isolation

Stay-At-Home Moms: We Didn’t “Sign Up” For This Either

Stay-At-Home Moms have been told they are surviving self isolation better because they’re used to being home. It’s not true. Whether you are a parent who stays home or one who goes to work, your old routine has been disrupted. No one has it easier than the rest.

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Struggling With Baby Blues

Recovery after delivery is not just physical, it’s emotional, and most moms don’t know about Baby Blues. Medical professionals talk about Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, but most don’t mention 80% of moms suffer from Baby Blues during the first two weeks of postpartum. It’s a difficult transition and needs to be more generally discussed.

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