The Speeding Teething Toy

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Have you ever had one of those days where everything is a blur? Mom-life gets hectic sometimes. It happens to everyone. Yesterday was one of those long and crazy days. It gets even wilder when your child starts teething. I think teething is the hardest part of early motherhood, next to growth spurts – those aren’t a walk in the park either. Teething pain comes out of nowhere, and there’s not much you can do to help, especially when you’re driving! Sometimes, there’s that one teething toy that makes it all better. But, what do you do when that toy is out of reach?

Of course, this happened to me. I’m driving in my car, down the freeway in San Diego, with Pookie (my nickname for my daughter) in the back seat of my Fiat 500. I was trying to get home, hoping to finally relax. We had been out a long time, driving around killing time. Mainly, I was letting her nap – Thank God! Anyway, I was talking on the phone with my mom when all of a sudden, I notice something flapping against my windshield. I look again and it was Vienna’s favorite teething toy, stuck between my windshield wiper and the windshield.

Teething Toy stuck on the windshield of a car.

Who’s Teething Toy Is This!?

Let me tell you the story of this toy. First of all, it wasn’t ours! A few months earlier, when Vienna started “pre-teething” I felt awful. Nothing I bought helped the pain. Her discomfort was so bad, Brad (her father) would start crying too. I swear, we bought Vienna EVERY SINGLE TEETHING TOY that Target sold.

Nothing helped. One day I took her to our YMCA and she played in the baby daycare. Suddenly, I’m carrying her to the car and I notice this toy! Immediately, I attempted to take the teething ring back to the daycare, but Vienna absolutely lost her shit! I didn’t have the heart. Needless to say, the ring came home with us…Stop judging me. I purchased a new toy and donated it, in place of the ring we ultimately “stole”.

A True Mom-Moment Memory

Like I said, I was on the freeway being the speedracer that I am and there it was, the infamous purple teething ring. It was barely hanging on to my windshield wipers and there was nowhere I could pull over. Here I am talking on the phone to my mom and all I can say is “Holy Shit!” Her response was to remind me that I’m “a mess” and I can’t say she’s lying. Motherhood is messy. I laughed so hard. It was impossible not to laugh.

FINALLY, I was able to pull off the freeway, jump out of the car at a stop at a light, and grab the toy before it flew off into the unknown. I glance around and see everyone in the surrounding cars laughing their asses off!! Haha! A few had their phones out. Guess I was on at least one Snapchat story. It felt like a great mom moment, and a memory of my baby’s infancy I’ll remember forever.

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