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The Best Two Words My OB/GYN Said To Me

A large part of having a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy is finding an OB/GYN who has similar expectations and a compatible personality with yours. Maybe you’re an expecting mom who wants to know every detail throughout your pregnancy and need to have a deep interpersonal connection with your doctor, that’s perfectly fine. Or, maybe, you’re […]

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My Breastfeeding Journey To Formula Freedom

Formula feeding has had a bad rap ever since the ridiculous movement “Breast Is Best” started in 1999, claiming that breastfeeding is the best (and only) way to feed your baby. This slogan provided an utterly one-sided view on feeding a baby, but it was also a bunch of crap. There is no denying that […]

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Struggling With Baby Blues

Recovery after delivery is not just physical, it’s emotional, and most moms don’t know about Baby Blues. Medical professionals talk about Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, but most don’t mention 80% of moms suffer from Baby Blues during the first two weeks of postpartum. It’s a difficult transition and needs to be more generally discussed.

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N-O-P-E! Remember how I said I would like to tell you that the second half of our Thanksgiving trip went smoother than the first? Well, I can’t. That would be a lie. If you thought Part One was a rollercoaster, then buckle up. Now, I will say that Thanksgiving itself was wonderful! I absolutely adored […]

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Daylight Savings kicked our asses. We were not, I repeat, NOT, prepared. With the change, I started thinking about falling into the “I know what’s best for YOU” (meaning the baby) parenting crap. The bottom line is, you don’t. They do! They are them, you are you, and you are here to guide them. When […]

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