OB/GYN coffee mug

The Best Two Words My OB/GYN Said To Me

A large part of having a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy is finding an OB/GYN who has similar expectations and a compatible personality with yours. Maybe you’re an expecting mom who wants to know every detail throughout your pregnancy and need to have a deep interpersonal connection with your doctor, that’s perfectly fine. Or, maybe, you’re […]

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Breaking Down The Stigmas Of Second-Hand Baby Items

New moms-to-be often feel pressure to buy new, up-to-date, baby items. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to have the best. Second-hand baby items are a great way to get top quality products for a fraction of the price.

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5 Reasons I Didn’t Have A Traditional Baby Shower

Are baby showers as we knew them becoming irrelevant? I think so. A baby shower can be an enjoyable experience for expecting moms. You’re literally showered with love and affection by all of your close girlfriends and family members. Originally, baby showers would be hosted by the expecting moms’ mother, aunt, or best friend. In […]

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